Cooking Demos

“The most underrated Chef in the Twin Cities.”

-Jason Derusha, Twin Cites food critic

Saturday, June 24 • 3-4pm

Watch Chef James Kyndberg, executive chef at FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar at the Radisson Blu in Minneapolis, create a simple three-course menu in the great outdoors, right before your eyes, turning cheese curds (and cheese curd crumbles) into these delicious dishes:

• Summer salad with fresh strawberries, rhubarb vinaigrette, and cheese curd crumbles.
• Grilled steak encrusted with cheese curd crumbles, roasted garlic, fresh basil and sun-dried tomatoes.
• A deconstructed apple pie, which Chef Jim lovingly refers to as Caramel Apple Cheese Curds.

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Musical Guests


Sena Ehrhardt & Cole Allen

Earning a reputation as one of the freshest and most dynamic emerging acts on the blues scene today, as the buzz about their incendiary performances at clubs and festivals spreads; jazz and blues lovers across the country have taken notice. Both critically acclaimed solo artists, it’s when they come together that the magic truly happens.

Born and raised in a house of blues in the Minneapolis area, Sena’s performances can be described as bright and soulful. As a kid her parents took her to many all-ages concerts and she was able to see artists like B.B. King, Koko Taylor and the Fabulous Thunderbirds wow their audiences with polished and exciting performances. This influence can be felt in her vocal style as she easily transitions from sultry and coaxing to gritty and gutsy in an instant.

Cole’s songwriting is described as mature well beyond his years. His masterful guitar playing was influenced by his dad’s love of ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jimi Hendrix, and his mom’s preference for Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, and Stevie Wonder. The results is a sound that’s all his own, earning him a reputation as one of the most exciting singer/guitarist/songwriters of contemporary blues and rock music.

Sena and Cole’s original music is sure to virtually transport us from Ellsworth’s East End Park to a smoky, dark blues bar; it’s a performance you won’t want to miss. In the words of Blues Rock Review magazine, Sena and Cole are “sure to deliver what blues rock fans yearn for.”


Mark Andrew Band

Fans will recognize him from season 4 of the The Voice and season 14 of American Idol, Mark Andrew joins us on the Park Stage for the Cheese Curd Festival!

Gaining new believers with their thrilling performances, masterful musicianship, and the unique and soulful vocals of Mark Andrew, himself, The Mark Andrew Band is borrowing from aspects of the great music of the past and fusing that with a new, vibrant sound, to create an incredible musical experience.

Imagine taking a powerful and dynamic vocalist like Joe Cocker or Van Morrison mixed in with a rhythm section straight out of Stax Records. Then give the musicians the opportunity to let loose. That is what happens when this band takes the stage. Their music is tingling-good, and Mark’s vocals and lyrics pack a punch. Hard to imagine? It’s for real and festival attendees are going to experience it up close and personal!

Best described as folksy-bluesy, Mark writes and performs songs that cross genres and generations. His strong, soulful vocals together with lyrics that approach the poetic create a musicality that is thoughtful yet familiar and pleasing to the ear. He understands a good ‘hook’ and will take little time reeling us in with his refreshing sound and well-written songs.

The layers of rhythm, nuance, and dynamics that the band adds to his songs provide a richness and vitality that helps his music stand apart. Grab a beer and some curds and park yourself on the grass in front of the Park Stage; with a few traditional ballads and popular songs mixed in, you can count on a well- rounded meal of stimulating, thoughtful, heartfelt music that will satisfy all our musical appetites.