Thank You for Supporting Our Community

The Cheese Curd Festival is more than just a good time; it’s an essential fundraiser and economic driver for our small community. Our goals include remaining financially viable and generating revenue for the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce, driving tourism, spurring development in our East End business district, and supporting downtown businesses.

Cheese Curd Festival Volunteer Program

Our Festival Volunteer Program continues to support the non-profit organizations that provide the manpower needed for the event. They learn to fry cheese curds, run the bars and Cheese Curd Central Booths, oversee tasting events, and help set up and tear down festival infrastructure.

Some of our non-profit organizations are “Super Groups” and oversee a specific festival function such as the Hunger Prevention Council and Ellsworth Food Pantry who greet festival attendees at our remote parking areas to make them feel welcome and help them onto the shuttle buses. UWRF Football team is the muscle during the set-up and tear-down. These volunteer groups take ownership of their task to make it great and earn a flat donation for their efforts, which helps to plan and fund their programs each year.

Since its inception in 2017, the Cheese Curd Festival Volunteer Program has funneled over $110,000 back into the community.


Economic Impact

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism estimates the regional economic impact of the Cheese Curd Festival to be $2.55 million annually. However, the event is about more than just tourism. It generates exposure for our downtown and the entire community. Local businesses report that festival attendees often return to Ellsworth, contributing to repeat tourism and spending, which are crucial for our local economy.

East End District Revitalization

Like many small downtowns across the country, Ellsworth’s East End business corridor has faced challenges due to shifts in consumer habits and retail spending. However, with each annual festival, vitality is being restored. As the community sees the East End bustling and vibrant, seeds of inspiration for development are planted, contributing to the district’s revitalization.