Musical Guests

MoJo Lemon

6:30-8:30pm | Friday, June 21 | Park Stage

Josh and Terry started Mojo Lemon in the spring of 1999. Everything was a learning experience as they’d never played together. The result? Pure magic. Tearing up their favorite blues and rock tunes was the recipe for something good. After changes in personnel along the way they’re proud to be playing together after 20 years .. a bit older, and hopefully a little bit wiser.

Call the portrait “blues-infused rock and roll” or “rock and roll-infused blues” – whichever way you look at it, Mojo Lemon Blues Band carelessly, yet tastefully and intentionally paints it outside the lines wherever the paint brush leads them on their journey.

Mojo blends rock, acoustic melodies, Chicago and Texas blues to create a unique sound, best listened to while sitting on the edge of your seat. Their high-energy, searing shows became infamous and appeal to Blues purists and rockers alike, begging the question … GOT MOJO ?

Starlette’s Web

4:30-6:30pm | Saturday, June 22 | Park Stage

Starlette’s Web, featuring Stephanie Varone, is an entertaining powerhouse comprised of some of the top talent in Minneapolis; this combination is magic. Lead singer, Stephanie Varone, has been a steady force in the music industry for years. She is grateful to share her musical gift, alongside the band, to empower and inspire audiences through passionate performances that hit the heart.

Starlette’s Web presents their fresh and energetic tribute to women of Pop, Rock, and Country music from the 80’s to today. You’ll hear songs by amazing women who changed the face of music, and have become anthems for women around the world. Starlette’s Web is dedicated to producing high-quality, fun shows, ultimately creating happiness for each and every fan.

Stephanie’s goal for every performance is to strike an emotional chord with her audience, exuding her soulful talent and contagious passion for all to hear, feel, and enjoy. Prepare to be entertained!